The PW Bundle The PW Bundle The PW Bundle The PW Bundle The PW Bundle

The PW Bundle

This bundle includes

Pioneer Works ToteA black canvas tote with white PW letters in retro font

Pioneer Works Pencil: Black number 2 pencil

Intercourse 3This thermal wearing, company-keeping, soul-warming winter edition is like philosophy without the jargon, Internet without the boredom, solipsism without the self, handcuffs without the cops. Ben Lerner discusses Wallace Stevens, his newest book 10:04, and visions of the future. Astrophysicist Janna Levin and science writer James Gleick rap about time—is it a carpet or a hill and what is it like to walk through bread? Hip Hop pioneer Fab 5 Freddy remembers when he first discovered kung-fu films. Poet Andrew Durbin deconstructs the “Bro.” And Adam Green talks to Weyes Blood about the scourge of likeability and normcore.

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