Slow Morpheus Slow Morpheus Slow Morpheus

Slow Morpheus

Slow Morpheus, Rachel Stern’s first monograph, is an oversized, softcover, 180 page book that collects nearly a decade of Stern’s studio work. It explores themes from the visual history of literature, art, and politics as filtered through a queer-washed and feminist lens. As the esteemed filmmaker Tom Kalin writes in the book’s foreword, “Using ephemeral, gimcrack materials to evoke the enduring and the profound, Stern conjures a lush, backward-glancing Symbolist world, distinctly at odds with the glowing screens and frantic pace of modern life. Equally indebted to the ‘moldy glamour’ of filmmaker Jack Smith’s Flaming Creatures and the glitter-encrusted theatricality of the Cockettes, Stern embraces excess as a strategy, uncovering a world of privileges and permissions.”

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